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Noeby Sinking Fishing Lures

Noeby Sinking Fishing Lures

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Type1: Fishing Lures Wobblers


Type2: Sinking Pencil Fishing Lure

Type3: Artificial Hard Bait for Bass Trout

Weight: 18g 28g 36g

Length: 80mm 99mm

Action: Sinking

Brand Name: NOEBY

Model Number: NBL1906 Fishing Lure

Quantity: 1 pcs


Noeby Fishing Lures Wobblers 80 99mm 18 28 36g Long Casting Sinking Pencil Artificial Hard Bait for Bass Trout Fishing Lure

Ballista Sinking Pencil Lure 80S 99S

Product Feature:

1. Outstanding long cast performance, amazing flight distance that is not inferior to metal jigs, NBL1906 is a heavy weight sinking pencil that boasts outstanding long-distance casting performance.

2. Unique nose design, the cup-shaped face which generates a moderate resistance when pulling and transmits information on the movement and position of the lure to the hands of the angler.

3. Sinking horizontally with a marked rolling action, very naturally horizontal fall, this S-shaped evolution with a large tail travel is ultra attractive on all predators("slalom action")

4. Aerodynamic shape for optimal casting performance, design for fishing that requires ultimate casting distance in the most demanding conditions; not only for sea bass, but also for surf flat fish!

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