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13 LB / 6 KG Fluke Anchor Kit

13 LB / 6 KG Fluke Anchor Kit

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Weight: 13 lb / 6 kg


Suitable Boat: 20'-32' / 6-10 m

Shackles & Swivels: 1/2'' / 13 mm

Rope: 98' x 8/17'' / 30 m x 12 mm

Material: Galvanized Steel

Chain: 6.6' x 1/3'' / 2 m x 10 mm

Product Description
13 lb Boat Anchor Kit
Our anchor kit includes all the essential parts of the anchoring system: fluke anchor, anchor chain, anchor rope, shackle, and swivel buckle. The fluke boat anchor, made of marine-grade galvanized steel, is one of the most popular anchors chosen by boat manufacturers as standard equipment. It has excellent holding strength and will set quickly in various bottoms—a great helper for your mooring.
  • 13 Lb Boat Anchor Kit
  • Superb Holding Power
  • Premium Quality
  • Quick Set Design
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Key Features
13 lb Fluke Anchor Kit
Our boat anchor kit includes the anchoring system's important part: the fluke anchor, the lead chain, the anchor rope, and the shackles & swivels—the perfect anchor kit for your launching.
Excellent Stability
Fluke style anchor will dig into the bottom, and hold tightly and maintain excellent stability. Just make sure you give it the opportunity to bury it into the ground.
High-Grade Material
Our boat anchor and chain are made of hot-dipped galvanized steel, corrosion-resistant and durable. The anchor line is made of 3-strand twisted and braided nylon to ensuring strength & durability.
Fast Setting Design
Our boat anchors feature a ballasted tip and self-aligning geometry, and our anchor kit can be quickly launched and ensure a full and fast settlement. Easy to drop and lift anchor.
One-Piece Structure
The one-piece design and special welding process give this fluke anchor a robust construction and a rock-solid holding power to ensure the secure of your boat.
Extensive Use
Our anchor for pontoon boat performs well in mud and sand bottoms. It also can be used in saltwater or freshwater—a good helper for your navigation.
  • Weight: 13 lb / 6 kg
  • Material: Galvanized Steel
  • Rope: 98' x 8/17'' / 30 m x 12 mm
  • Chain: 6.6' x 1/3'' / 2 m x 10 mm
  • Shackles & Swivels: 1/2'' / 13 mm
  • Suitable Boat: 20'-32' / 6-10 m
Package Content
  • 1 x Boat Anchor
  • 1 x Nylon Rope
  • 1 x Chain
  • 1 x Shackles & Swivels
Features & Details
  • 【13 LB BOAT ANCHOR KIT】- For smaller boats (20-32ft), our fluke anchor kit is a perfect plug-and-play kit. It includes an 13 lb fluke anchor, a 98 ft of 8/17'' rope, a 6.6 ft of 1/3" chain, and two pieces of shackles & swivels. No more worrying about buying the rope and chain. A complete boat anchor kit for your sailing.
  • 【SUPERB HOLDING POWER】- Our fluke anchor is well constructed to maintain high tensile and outstanding stability. When you drop it, it will dig into the bottom and hold it tightly. Even in high tide and windy weather conditions, our anchor can keep your boat stable.
  • 【PREMIUM QUALITY】- Our boat anchor and chain are built with hot-dipped galvanized steel for long-lasting performance even in saltwater. And anchors are different from most products on the market in that it is not welded directly. The welded junction of the plow anchor is thermoweld first and then welded again with the welding wire. This high-quality process effectively avoids cracks in the anchors. The 3-strand twisted and braided nylon rope is stretchy and wear-proof. It prevents any destructive jerking from damaging the anchor system when waves push or pull on your boat.
  • 【QUICK SET DESIGN】- With a low center of gravity and the self-aligning geometry, this boating anchor ensures that it can set and rest quickly and adequately. The lead chain adds weight to the anchor's shank, providing a better dig or bite into the bottom.
  • 【WIDE APPLICATION】- Compared to other anchors, our small boat anchor's one-piece design provides superior holding power. Our heavy-duty boat anchor's versatile design is suitable for various seafloor compositions, including sand, mud, and other bottoms.
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