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35-70lbs Compound Bow and Mix Carbon Arrow Set For Right Hand Shooter

35-70lbs Compound Bow and Mix Carbon Arrow Set For Right Hand Shooter

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Brand Name: Sharrow

Type: Bow and Arrow

Age: >8 Years

Item Name: KAIMEIQIN Compound Bow Arrow Set

Color: Black, Camo, White, Red


Draw Length: 16-30inch adjustable

Draw Weight: 35-70lbs

Bow Riser Material: Magnesium aluminum alloy

Bow Limbs Material: high strength fiberglass

Axle to Axle: 32.5inch

Let-off: 80%

Net Weight: 4.5lbs/2041.17g

Brace Height: 7.25inch

Size: 93*38*10cm

Package Size: 96*39*11cm

Use: Hunting/Shooting/Archery

Arrow Spine: 400

Length: 80cm/31.5inch

OD: 7.6mm

Weight: 29g

Quantity: 1pc Bow/1set bow

KAIMEI QIN 35-70lbs Archery Compound Bow and Mix Carbon Arrow Set For Right Hand Shooting Adults Hunting Outdoor Sports Bows 

Material: aluminum alloy + fiberglass
Draw length: 16"-30" adjustable 
Draw weight: 35-70 lbs adjustable 
Axle-to-Axle: 32.5" 
Brace Height: 7.25"
IBO arrow speed: 320fps 
Let-off: 80% 
Net weight: 4.5lb 

Carbon Arrow:
Material: carbon fiber
Spine: 400
Standard Length: 30 inches
Total length: 31.49 inches / 80cm
Outside diameter: 7.6mm
Inner diameter: 6.2mm
Arrow Weight: about 29g
Arrowhead weight: 100 grains
Feather: 3 Inch rubber feather

1. Premium Quality: The compound bow design with aluminum alloy hollow air resistance bow body, excellent performance , stronger energy, lightweight and durable.
2. Split-type Bow Piece: Fiberglass bow limbs with high toughness is not easy to deform, split bow piece, can reduce the vibration of the bow, it is also more quieter when shooting.
3. Package include: 1x compound bow, 1x bow sight, 1x arrow rest, 1x bow stabilizer, 1x Release aids, 1x Arrow Quiver, 1set wrench, 10x carbon arrows


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